West Virginia Roads - I-68

The WB shield above is courtesy Doug Kerr.

Interstate shields in WV are almost always state-named, so here's what you get at the western end of I-68. If you attended the Morgantown Road Meet in June 2011, you'd also have gotten this 1957 Chevy 210 V8 (thanks to Jeremy Lance for the ID).

EB button copy at WV 7, with the second photo on the offramp.

WB at the same exit and again heading down the offramp.

None of the BGS's for this exit are button copy, but all of the blue travel signs are.

Well, we can go to the lake and lose all our money, but along the way we'll at least break even? Maybe you're not supposed to follow the road to the end.

Compare this WB 2011 photo with the EB one above taken years earlier. Notice something subtle that changed? Say, a different route number entirely? WV 43, the continuation of the Mon-Fayette Expressway from PA, was in the process of opening in summer 2011, and appeared on signs even before most of it was ready to open. That left a 5-mile gap where traffic had to exit WV 43 and still use SR 857 into PA before rejoining PA 43 at its first exit. That momentary condition was cured in a matter of weeks. Also notice the unnecessary addition of yellow lane arrows below the I-68 sign. If you decide arrows are warranted as an afterthought, at least use the right color! But they really aren't necessary at all - the through route is obvious.

Looking south at the doomed SR 857 Ices Ferry bridge over Cheat Lake, closed due to structural deterioration with a replacement being hastily constructed immediately to the south. The VMS set up on the deck is indeed for boat traffic, warning them about the bridge condition and any staging that affects lake traffic.

Returning the favor, here's looking north at the I-68 bridge from Ices Ferry.

The remaining EB button copy.

And one more WB.

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