West Virginia Roads - I-64/US 52/US 119 - EB/NB

I-64 EB and 64 EB/US 52/US 119 NB

Entering the state from Kentucky. Nighttime photos are courtesy Matt Kleiman.

The next exit, all with US 52 NB. Thanks to the snow, I wasn't able to get all my own photos here. The last one is courtesy Matt Kleiman, and the two before that are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

The last photo is on the Exit 8 offramp, where WV 152 becomes WV 527, courtesy H.B. Elkins. WV 152 is the former routing of US 52, and WV 527 is a continuation of OH 527, which also happens to be former US 52. Pick one, WVDOH!

Now into the Welcome Center where I picked up a state map and found a Blue Star sign. 7th photo of the 2-line exit sign courtesy Matt Kleiman.

A long run up to the Kanawha River near exit 45. Not much river to see at this time of year.

A little spot of button copy and another Kanawha River bridge (with US 119) at the edge of Charleston.

On the main I-64 page I introduced you to fractional routes - here's the 9th spur of WV 9, which does not reduce to 1 despite what you learned in middle school. Exit 156 is a bit odd: The original Midland Trail advance sign clearly had US 60 WEST at one point. However, the original exit sign clearly did not. The words "Midland Trail" were added in small type and somewhat superfluously to the Exit 156 BGS, and are the only non-button copy wording on the sign, because the trail was extended after the sign was erected. All of these are courtesy H.B. Elkins.

The last photo, EB, is one of my own. As you can see, it's over the WB side. If you're passing underneath that sign, you are definitely not driving safely.

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