Vermont Roads - White River Jct.

White River Junction

S. Main St. NB at and past Sykes Mountain Ave., heading toward downtown WRJ. White River Junction is just a named downtown in the Town of Hartford, so let's call this Hartford. Click on the first photo for an embossed closeup.

S. Main St. SB at the same intersection, with a different old assembly that you can also click on for a closeup.

On the topic of route shields, here's Main St. SB at Gates St. and then Gates St. WB at Currier St., a consistent routing out from downtown WRJ, although the shields are misshapen and the layout is misbegotten.

Main St. EB at Currier St. (see, everything intersects), then an old wall-mounted sign just south of there on Currier.

Currier St. becomes Bridge St. as it heads north from Main, which obviously crosses under this railroad to leave downtown. Not in 2013, though. Here are various angles of bridge reconstruction, mostly from the south but with the last one looking west along the tracks.

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