Vermont Roads - VT 30

The VT 9 shield is state issue, which it shouldn't be inside Brattleboro. The VT 5 circle shield reflects that it is a town-maintained route, except it should really be a US 5 shield. And the "TO" is also incorrect, since VT 30 actually does end at 5 and 9 - VTAOT got a bit ahead of themselves in signing US 5/VT 9 on an I-91 bypass around Brattleboro, and are starting to believe 5 and 9 actually go that way. Doug B. says that the TO once meant you could turn left on Park Place as a shortcut to VT 9 EB/US 5 NB, until Brattleboro turned Park Place into part of a rotary carrying 9 and 5. Which of course means that the left arrow on the Putney sign is now incorrect as well.

The modern version gets all of the routes and arrows right, but for one minor niggle - VT 9 never heads SOUTH, which is implied by the banner above the US 5 shield.

NB (first photo) and SB at I-91 crossing VT 30 and the West River.

VT 30 not crossing the West River.

The 1871 Dummerston Covered Bridge, NB from Brattleboro on VT 30 and turning east across the West River.

A view from VT 30 SB and then facing west toward VT 30 on the bridge. Click here for a video of me crossing the bridge.

SB next to the West River in Newfane, and suddenly abutments appear for a former railroad bridge.

NB at the Scott Covered Bridge in Townshend, which I explore further via the big link at the bottom of the page.

Juxtaposition, courtesy Doug Kerr.

Extra-old shield in Manchester, courtesy Jake Warner.

I didn't see that shield when I was in Manchester, but I did see these assemblies on the VT 7A concurrency. I saw more in Manchester on VT 11/30, which you can see via the big link below.

Looking west from VT 7A/30 on what appears to be the Batten Kill (or Battenkill River), or possibly the West Branch thereof.

Old sign heading north from VT 149. The shield atop this page comes next.

Southbound leaving Poultney, one of the gold mines of old signs in Vermont. These embossed ones were the very beginning, but have since been replaced.

SB turning right at Furnace St. just before the embossed signs, and then the NB counterpart on the other side of the same assembly.

Nice try at a New York state route shield, VTAOT. At least, unlike the Vermont route shield, there's still some semblance of the white background left on the "NY" shield. These are both NB.

Here's the southbound version of the above - again, not a New York shield. VTAOT liked using its own shields for other states' highways. This NY 22A shield points down a different street, but both lead to College St. and thus present the same two opportunities to enter New York (either heading north or south around Green Mountain College). As on VT 31, the JCT is the opposite color of the other banner signs.

There are still more treasures to be found in Poultney. This shield is opposite the signs above - i.e. a block north of VT 31.

Vermont won't help Green Mountain College out with a state-issue sign. This is the same intersection that leads to NY 22A to the left.

These shields look fine, right? Wrong, because the "A" is supposed to be smaller than the numerals.

Drake Rd. WB from VT 30, guess the town.

Sudbury Congregational Church, on VT 30/VT 73.

Continuing a long and orange detour from VT 22A, this is SB at Ridge Rd. in Cornwall.

Way at the northern end of VT 30 in Middlebury, blink and you'll miss this street sign baked into the Sheldon Museum as Park St. branches to the north at the Cross St. roundabout.

You'll also miss this classic stone arch over Middlebury Falls unless you park and walk to the footbridge for some hot waterfall action.

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