Vermont Roads - VT 140

Main St. WB from the end of VT 140 at VT 30.

Apparently VT 140 is town-maintained here, which would explain why these EB square shields haven't been replaced yet. Click on each photo for a closeup.

EB past an 18th-century (if that) wall to Tinmouth Church at the corner of Mountain View Rd. and Bliss Rd. Notice the arrow at the base of the historical sign.

An ancient EB distance sign at that intersection, a modern attempt by Tinmouth to replicate the color scheme, and then, well, another modern attempt by Tinmouth to replicate a color scheme by making the Vermont circular route shield green. This is the only place I've seen such a thing.

WB and Mountain View Rd. NB at the same intersection with the same issue.

Plenty of square shields to go around. This one is WB on the EB side; most of these small ones are posted on the back side of other signs on the opposite side of the road, although there are occasional exceptions.

Which is older, the embossed curve sign or the square state-name shields? Go visit them and investigate.

EB and WB at East Road. You know it's still in Tinmouth because the shields are still green with undersized directional banners tacked on.

A westward panorama from south to north at that intersection.

EB and WB leaving East Rd. at the next intersection to the north.

Continuing EB toward Wallingford. Someone doesn't know how to post a diamond sign.

EB across Otter Creek into western Wallingford at Depot St. This is clearly still a town-maintained route, thus yielding fruitful treasures (not including the narrow 2-digit shield with the wrong font) such as the preceding and the following:

Below that new 2-digit shield is an old reference marker, indicating that this is town road 138. The first line of a state-maintained highway would read "1400" with that ending '0.'

WB shields: Depot St. at Railroad St., then at Florence Ave. Click on the second one for a closeup.

Looking farther west, back across Otter Creek. Roaring Brook tumbles into it in the first photo.

The railroad bridge over Roaring Brook.

EB from US 7 to the end of the road.

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