Vermont Roads - VT 14/US 5

and VT 14/US 5

NB and SB, across from each other, just north of the beginning of VT 14.

It may be blurry, but I made two passes and this is the best this tiny VERMONT 14 square shield came out. It's southbound just before VT 14 heads down the hill into White River Junction, and from that information, Jake Warner was able to get me a clearer version. Click to clear up my photo.

NB at, looking west at, and looking north from the Quechee-West Hartford Bridge. It's about to be replaced by the new, boring concrete bridge immediately to the south.

Heading east on River Rd. in Sharon, which crosses the White River on the 1928 River Bridge to get to VT 14. The last photos look west and east respectively.

There was a small bridge replacement on VT 132, which is a small road, so it was just closed to facilitate construction. Because the closure was so close to VT 14, the end of the WB detour is at the beginning of VT 132 EB.

This is actually the Kingsbury Covered Bridge (on Kingsbury Rd.), but you wouldn't know it.

NB and SB, respectively, at VT 64, showing you the correct style of Vermont state route shield (at least for these state-maintained roads) and reversed banners, and including state name shields (click on the second photo for a closeup).

Mysterious concrete post on the right side of VT 14 at VT 64.

All northbound, and none of these routes should be in circles, but rather the new VT green shields. VT 65 is south of VT 64, so it's out of order on this page but it goes with these photos (the 6x routes progress from 66 to 62 as one heads north toward Barre).

Northbound in Barre, old button copy with old shields on it, plus old shields (one viewed through construction netting).

Both southbound. The BGS is on the same pole as those in the second northbound photo above. The old square shield is part of the same sheet of metal as the "SOUTH" and appears to be hand-painted, a definitely unique find; it is found heading south out of the center of Barre.

VT 14 SB and NB at the western end of the US 302 multiplex, on opposite sides of the same gantry pole. That's an I-89 shield - is it time to update these signs yet? Maybe with mention of VT 62 beginning ahead?

Setting the stage for the next two photos, which are a block north of the eastern end of the US 302/VT 14 duplex in Barre, at Elm and Summer Streets.

This very old blinker sits above the intersection. Elm St. (left to right) gets the yellow blinker, while Summer St. (ahead to behind) gets... well, it gets one red blinker and this one yellow blinker! Granted, it's a low traffic intersection, but when three directions of traffic feel they have the right of way, bad things can happen.

Wait, VT 14 turned onto US 302 a block ago... but apparently that hasn't always been the case. One time not terribly long ago (30-40 years, the age of this shield), VT 14 followed Summer Street (the arrow beneath this shield is missing) a block northeast of US 302, until reaching Maple Ave. where it rejoined its current alignment. This explains why Summer St. EB gets a yellow blinker above - traffic priority was for through VT 14 traffic on Summer and Elm. Of course, if that was the case, there needed to be a lot more signs there, and it would have been a lot simpler even then to just put up the red instead.

SB leaving US 2 across the Winooski River.

SB from Albany way down to the Kingsbury Branch crossing at VT 214.

Looking east along Park Ave. in Irasburg toward the United Church thereof, on the corner of VT 58.

VAOT used to put all of its reassurance shields on the backs of other signs. Most of those were the small rectangles from the 1960s and before, but some of the later circles (1970s era) made it as well.

SB at and onto US 5, no TO about it.

Main St. NB into Coventry, old US 5/VT 14.

The corresponding school sign on Covered Bridge Rd. EB at Heermanville Rd., then back south on Main St. to show off the stub of the old road.

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