Vermont Roads - VT 132

VT 132

The First Congregational Church in Sharon, just north of VT 14.

Not MA 132, VT 132. The border of the Morrill Highway sign is embossed, but the letters aren't. From here, we turn left onto Tunbridge Rd.

Painted-over embossed sign that used to be black on white, Tunbridge Rd. at East Brook Rd. in the heart of Strafford.

Putting the Strafford sign in context on the town green. Not much has changed in the last 100 years here, except a couple of roads are paved and cars have replaced horses.

Beautiful views north of town, before Tunbridge Rd. turns into Strafford Rd. and descends the hill.

Back to VT 132, the Union Village Covered Bridge is on Academy Rd. in Thetford. These photos face WB.

Back east across the bridge.

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