Vermont Roads - VT 113

VT 113

WB across Copper Creek in West Fairlee.

Westbound across Sayres Bridge, on Tucker Hill Rd. just off of VT 113 in Thetford Center (Thetford). (In Vermont, a lot of named places are part of larger towns; there may be four or more small town centers in a single town, each with a different name.)

Looking east through the bridge and at an embossed (!) reference marker of a type long outdated.

Looking south along the East Ompompanoosuc River.

The First Congregational Church in Thetford Hill.

Looking east from Academy Rd. as I head south from the church. Academy Rd. leads to another covered bridge as it approaches VT 132.

First signs in the state.

Starting on River Rd. NB in NH and turning onto Thetford Rd., which becomes VT 113 as it crosses the Connecticut River.

Southward and two northward views along the Connecticut River, the latter featuring High Peak.

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