Vermont Roads - VT 103/100

VT 103 and VT 100/103

Old shields where VT 103 SB traffic joins VT 11 EB. 103 officially continues into town and beyond, but the turn to continue on VT 11 would be very sharp, so traffic should use Maple St. as a cutoff.

If you like signs that predate the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), Vermont's got 'em! These are on Flamstead Road, just off of VT 103 at Green Mountain Tpk., which parallels VT 103 and bypasses Chester.

Still more on Flamstead Road - a vehicular wooden bridge between the Pike and 103.

There is nothing in particular that makes VT 131 more scenic than most roads in Vermont, but the banner is cool and still there.

Locust Hill Rd. NB, former VT 100/103 bypassed in the 1970s, obviously with a concrete base.

Driving the old road south to its stub end. I'd love to see under the asphalt.

SB in East Wallingford.

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