Vermont Roads - VT 100

VT 100 is the backbone of Vermont, running straight up the center of the state. Two lanes the entire way, and not heavily traveled, it nevertheless is no less important an N-S route than US 5 and US 7.

Southbound in Readsboro, the last town of any size before the VT 8 junction. The road heading off past the embossed legal limit sign is Branch Hill Rd.

Just north of there, south of Wilmington.

NB along West River nearing Londonderry.

I'm on VT 100 SB here. Not junctioning, but I'm also on VT 11 WB.

VT 100 is very scenic if you like bridges. This railroad bridge is just south of Ludlow and photos are NB.

SB at the same spot. Leaves are already changing in August.

Skipping VT 103 (see big link at bottom), this is SB at Kingdom Rd. over the Black River in Tyson, Plymouth.

NB past a "covered bridge" south of Pittsfield that I think someone put on their driveway to attract patrons over the White River. Bald eagles and Murrica!

Just south of there, VT 100 crosses the White River itself. Unlike Rhode Island, VT doesn't build the new bridge and leave the old, but uses a temporary bridge and preserves the original alignment.

Old VT 100 NB follows Covered Bridge Rd. in Warren to exactly what that name implies, the 1879 Warren Bridge over Mad River. VT 100 continued left before the bridge on now-private Hill Rd.

Heading back west. I am sad to inform you that the bridge was rebuilt in 2000, so it has lost its rustic charm as the cost of remaining open to traffic.

Just north of there, I barely missed out on an old through truss that was replaced in 2012, so this is what you now get SB over the Mad River north of Warren.

Skipping the Village Bridge and US 2 concurrency (see big link at bottom), state-name shields NB and SB, respectively, in Waterbury.

SB down to Waterbury Center, to the 1833 Methodist Church.

Morrisville was newly bypassed in 2014 and VT 100 was rerouted west of town. This is at the south end of the new bypass. Within a couple of years, VT restored the old alignment of VT 100 and made the bypass "ALT" instead, I guess since people stopped visiting the town.

Northbound through Morrisville. The first two photos are the top and bottom of the same assembly.

And SB, starting at the 90 bend at A Street north of downtown, and ending with the older and newer versions of the same assembly. Old or new, they're both wrong, as this is VT 15A here; VT 12 only begins to the east where VT 15A splits off on Park St.

Bridge St. EB at VT 100/Brooklyn St.

Barely two lanes wide, the old bridge on VT 100 was recently replaced although I had guessed after my last time through that it wouldn't be. Goes to show what I know.

Just to the north, an abandoned railroad trestle. I'll guess this one won't be gone soon either, so let's see.

The joy of town maintenance! Signs like these are at least 50 years old, yet have held up much better than regular square shields (see the US 5 link at top for examples of those).

SB from the top of VT 100C to the old Superior Court building at old VT 15 in Hyde Park. I theorize that the "100" was shifted left in the shield because it's so close to 100C, and may have been initially done for the wrong road. (The NB one atop the page is at the same junction.) The mountains in the second photo are Morse and Sterling in the foreground and Mansfield in the distance.

VT 58 changes from primary/state-maintained to secondary/town-maintained at VT 100, but I think two junction shields goes a bit far. VT 58 is even unpaved for a stretch west of here.

Way at the tippy-top of the state, first photo courtesy Doug Kerr. This was a wye when he visited, but then the VT 100 (west) leg was dead-ended in the mid-2000s before I visited.

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