Vermont Roads - US 302/VT 14

and US 302/VT 14

Enjoy your historical context. This marks the intersection of VT 14 and US 302 in Barre.

EB and WB on US 302, on the same gantry pole, on the western approach to the VT 14/62 intersection. US 302 picks up VT 14 SB straight ahead, and VT 62 doesn't even get mentioned as a separate highway.

Mixing it up, these are WB/NB and EB/SB respectively on US 302/VT 14, same intersection but the eastern approach. Again, on the same gantry pole.

Everything is old around here.

Old street signs on Main St., US 302/VT 14.

Eastbound/southbound on the US 302/VT 14 duplex; the third sign is just after the end of it.

Westbound as the duplex begins. The first sign is on the same pole as the second eastbound sign above, and the second sign is on the same pole as the first eastbound sign above.

Have a fairly recent photo from Michael Summa, a shield that wasn't in Barre (just east of VT 14) by 2007. Here in the late 1990's, the number had already been reapplied on the old sign blank, so its days were clearly numbered.

WB at a railroad overpass.

Heading east into New Hampshire, next to a much less interesting railroad trestle. The T/L part of the Haverhill town line sign is NHDOT standard, so I can only assume the S/L for State Line is standard as well, including the reversed color scheme.

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