Vermont Roads - I-189

See, most roads don't have orange construction signs warning you the road is ending, especially immediately after the road has begun.

Approaching the unused freeway pavement underneath US 7. It used to be that I-189 WB traffic to US 7 SB would loop under the bridge, but that's since been taken out. Traffic to EB I-189 from local streets and US 7 SB still does loop under the bridge, though.

Views from the side street that crosses the path of I-189, northward/westward toward the section of unused lanes that continues on into Burlington. This could be said to be the only street that crosses an Interstate at-grade without a traffic light (seeing as how I-78 NJ and I-180 WY both have signalized crossings). Nothing much to prevent peds/bicyclists from detouring around Jersey barriers and exploring the abandoned roadway.

Views from the same side street, southward/eastward toward the continuous section of roadway. I-189 was intended to continue as a lakefront expressway beyond downtown, tying into what has now been built as the two-lane VT 127 freeway. There's plenty of ROW for the full four lanes, but VT 127 was built right down the middle. No matter, I-189 is as dead as a highway project can be.

Views of the ramp that would have taken EB I-189 traffic to US 7.

One final glance over toward the EB and unused WB lanes - this is on the west side of US 7, where the EB lanes are used for SB US 7 traffic to I-189.

VT 127 and proposed I-189

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