Alps' Roads Special - Bennington Road Meet

Bennington Road Meet, November 12, 2011

I left work Friday afternoon and made my trip up to the meet a two-parter. For the first part, I took I-80 west and US 209 north to PA 447, and over to PA 390 via PA 191 and PA 940. I crossed into New York via PA 507, US 6, and PA 652, and went over to Liberty via NY 97 to NY 52. Turning north, I used a combination of former and current NY 17 to a couple of county routes (Sullivan CR 151 and 152, Delaware CR 54) and a road alongside the Pepacton Reservoir that's actually maintained by the City of New York - because the reservoir is part of their water supply. It was interesting to see NYCDOT standards applied so far away from the city, and it also meant that it was fairly easy to maintain a nice, high speed without worrying about who else is on the road. (Note: this is not a recommendation or endorsement for any illegal activity.) Since it was getting late, I kept the route simple to my Schenectady stop for the night: NY 30, I-88, NY 7 to Broadway.

Heading over to the meet, we followed NY 146 out of the Schenectady area to I-87, up to NY 29, which we took east to NY 22. We followed former NY 153 (now a Washington County route) to VT 153, turned south on VT 30, and took a ride up VT 133 to VT 4A. The ride down to Bennington was via US 4 to VT 30 and all the way out to Brattleboro before returning on VT 9. After lunch, the meet headed west out of downtown on VT 9 to NY 7 and came back on VT 279. We looped up US 7 to Exit 2 for the former VT 7A jughandle, and came back down VT 67A and straight onto VT 7A to Kocher Dr., then left on East Rd. to the future VT 67A NB to see a couple of bridges. The meet photo at the end of this paragraph was taken at the Paper Mill Bridge. We then went to get some views of the VT 279 overpass. We turned around, continued east on Branch Street, and turned left on Chapel Rd to the future 279 underpass. Finally, the meet finished Branch Street and turned left on VT 9 to the current southeastern end of the bypass for a walkaround, before returning downtown on 9.

From left to right: Michael Temme-Soifer, Keith Thomas, John Krakoff, half of Mike Tantillo, Lou Corsaro (gorilla position), Mark Sinsabaugh, a 16th of Michael Pruett, Anthony Costanzo, 1/3 of Bob Malme, Brian Rawson-Ketchum, H. B. Elkins, Laura Bianca, me, the Send Help Sign™, 1/12 of Zack Lewis, Adam Moss, a piece of Doug Kerr, David Case (and son, who does not like photos), Oscar Voss.

I headed home from there via US 7 into Massachusetts, a brief detour on MA 7A, then on into Connecticut, where I turned onto CT 112 to US 44. Following US 44 onto NY 22, I clinched NY 343 and took a bit of NY 82 to get to NY 115 (Salt Point Tpk.) via Dutchess CR 13. For my last clinch, I turned east on US 44/NY 55 and south on NY 376 to NY 113, Spackenkill Rd., and then headed home via US 9, US 202, NY 59, and NY 17 to I-287.

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