Vermont Roads - Alt. US 5 St. Johnsbury

Alternate US 5, St. Johnsbury

SB with US 2 WB and then past it. US 2 has a rather steep and rurban hill to descend (isolated small city counts as rurban to me - rural urbanity), so trucks follow Alt. US 5 SB to US 5 NB in an elongated loop with a more gradual slope. Alt. US 5 is pretty much just signed as US 5, which is only confusing if you really need to find the highway within St. Johnsbury.

One block off of Alt. US 5.

A couple of NB photos up to Mt. Pleasant St., where the route winds through an S curve.

SB at Summer St., the same curve as Mt. Pleasant St. Not only does it still seem like you're on regular US 5, but now it appears US 2 WB is also here. Another "TO" would be helpful.

NB and SB at the northern end of Alt. US 5, where finally all the shields are correct, except for the fact that the SB signs aren't shields at all. It's also odd to see a "RTE 5 SOUTH" reassurance not 50 feet from the intersection where US 5 just turned left. If you're really looking for that route, why not stay on it?

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