Virginia Roads - VA 94

VA 94

SB across the New River approaching US 58/US 221 southwest of Galax, courtesy Lou Corsaro. If those truss members look dilapidated and bent, well, the bridge was replaced in 2010, so this is the last you'll see of it. Interestingly, the replacement was triggered by a truck hitting the frame, not the overall bridge condition.

Narrow reassurance as VA 94 NB turns right and spawns VA 274.

VA 94 enters the delicious town of Fries along the New River. Even though Fries is named for Colonial Francis Fries of North Carolina, it's still a town named Fries. Everyone Likes Fries.

These two signs are against the river on the right as VA 94 makes a hard turn between New River and Eagle Bottom Creek.

Continuing NB.

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