Virginia Roads - VA 89

NB entering the state. Parkway? Which parkway?

Here's your answer, courtesy Lou Corsaro: These photos come off of the Blue Ridge Parkway SB and then turn left to NC. VA does use circles but those are only for 3- and 4-digit secondary routes, which VA 89 certainly isn't. Then again, the Blue Ridge Parkway, being a national park, never pays attention to standards.

The limits of Galax extend south on VA 89 past VA 97, so that's why there are still cutout shields to be found. The "TO" at Lineberry Rd. in the second photo appears to be that old as well. You may know that green sign as a black-on-white TRUCK ROUTE in most locales.

SB leaving Galax, starting at Calhoun St. and ending at shields somewhat newer than the cutout, courtesy Lou Corsaro. The little arrow at least is old enough, although none of the cutouts in either direction kept theirs.

NB from that same decrepit school zone into downtown Galax. Welcome to Main Street, please excuse the mess.

Old signal at Academy Drive, odd left turn arrows at Calhoun St., and what Galax must have decided resembled an Olde Towne font, all northbound. It certainly faded to oldness quickly. Maybe that was intentional.

The northern end of VA 89.

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