Virginia Roads - VA 83/US 460

VA 83 and VA 83/US 460

All photos are eastbound.

Be sure you can't get Pure anymure.

A couple of railroad overpasses approaching Vansant.

The southern half of the US 460/VA 83 wrong-way concurrency (so US 460 is WB here) was widened in the 1980s into the 1990s, requiring extensive rock cuts as the highway was pulled away from Levisa Fork to improve design speed without destroying too much property.

Construction was underway in October 2013 to complete the four-lane widening north to the northern end of the concurrency. Before 2007, the NB multiplex roadway came to a T at a road that was US 460 to the west and VA 83 to the east. As one of the phases of widening, US 460 was realigned to be the through road with VA 83 coming to a T. This pushed VA 83 into the rock face north of the intersection, which you see in the last photo.

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