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VA 80

Current VA 80 passes under future VA 80, heading east. The road above, currently SR 693, will become part of VA 80 once Corridor Q (future US 460 is built to the north. Instead of meeting 460 in Belcher, KY, 80 will meet it here and follow 460 well into Kentucky. VA has already built the part of Corridor Q from SR 693 to the state line, but it doesn't connect to anything. VA 80 used to head straight where the overpass is, now temporarily curving left onto the west end of what had been SR 609 through Breaks.

This is now signed as Detour VA 80 because it's probably officially still part of SR 609, and very well may revert to 609 upon completion of Corridor Q. EB and WB, this is the turn that VA 80 takes onto the former Breaks connector roadway. What used to be SR 609 east from here now dead ends, hence the detour for SR 609 as well. That roadway (Bull Run Rd.) has been realigned to T into the future VA 80, and the connector roadway now T's into it, so in sum total, VA 80 currently turns right twice, then left onto its old alignment, while the path of SR 609 turns right once and then left onto Bull Run Rd.

In 2013, SR 609 was already turning left at Bull Run Rd., but VA 80 went straight on the old connector roadway. Shortly thereafter, Bull Run was punched through to future VA 80 and the short piece of connector roadway south of here was truncated. Ultimately, this will work out to be cleaner, but it's a mess during construction. Incidentally, all of these shields are on this page because they're too wide. Metal is money, so I'm surprised the contractor didn't go with standard-width 24"x24" shields.

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