Virginia Roads - VA 76

VA 76

Courtesy Lou Corsaro, a very square VA 76 shield marks the end of the Powhite Parkway, which, after its toll, merged into the four-lane undivided highway you see ahead.

But that all changed in 2012, as the Richmond Metropolitan Authority dualized the western end to match improvements made by VDOT west of Charter Colony Pkwy. on SR 652 (Old Hundred Road). (That may still be the same VA 76 shield that Lou found, fairly pointless given the upcoming end of the route.)

NB views of the construction as VA 76 begins. The first cloverleaf interchange with VA 288 isn't tolled, so if RMA is going to be precise enough to sign South 76 without a toll banner on a useless stub of highway (only numbered, I believe, because it was constructed by the RMA with toll money), it should be precise enough to remove the banner NB.

There was nothing wrong with this sign when it was created, but a lot would need to change now. "TOLL" is not a direction, so it should not be on top of the important "NORTH."

The first mainline plaza and the following exit and entrance ramp tolls feature the amazing color combination of white on purple, yellow on green, and black on orange. This is the hideous stuff of nightmares. Whoever thought yellow on green or blue was acceptable when paired with white on purple should be fired. Whoever decided to make wide load signage orange instead of yellow, especially with yellow and green already in use, should be banned from the industry.

Courtesy Lou Corsaro, this SB signage is far better, but it's sadly no longer around, having been obviated by the advent of electronic tolling.

I was told this US 60 greenout is patched over a VA 60 error, NB, but they didn't repair the milder error of using "Tnpk" instead of "Tpk" or "Tpke." At least it wasn't "Trnpke."

NB and SB at the same interchange. The first sign is at the top of the exit ramp and misleadingly omits the availbility of turning left. The second, mainline sign is on the only part of VA 76 you can travel for free (for mile from VA 150), this despite 150 having its own Jahnke Rd. interchange. The signs are more interesting on VA 76 anyway, with the mismatched 686 shields.

Looking east along the James River at the A-Line Bridge, originally carrying the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad. The "Nickel Bridge", carrying VA 161, is faintly visible behind it.

These two shields are probably half of the total for VA 146, with the other half being at the other end of the route, and that's even considering the Maplewood Ave. interchange along the freeway. VA 146 is a very short connector, more or less glorified ramps, connecting tolled VA 76 to tolled VA 195. I-195 is free, but since you're already on a toll road, there's no distinction, as if the route options are evenly weighted. VA 195 (apparently the Dowton Expressway, since this is not how one would even try to abbreviate "Downtown") is a better route, especially to I-95 SB, but it still should carry the TOLL banner. No change needs to be made to the older signs on the left, please.

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