Virginia Roads - VA 6

EB scenery. Upon leaving US 250, VA 6 twists and turns its way downhill into a long and picturesque valley.

Continuing eastbound through Scottsville to the Barclay House. I don't know what it is, but it must be old.

EB across the Hardware River. No, seriously. It predates hardware.

Back west to the east end of the VA 20 concurrency.

WB with US 15 SB where they split. The name predates paved roads with no clear origin. So where did it come from? Huh? A fork?

The counterpart sign is on the WB leg to US 15 NB at the other end of the concurrency. Okay, I get that Point of Fork is probably a river thing. But what's the Union?

WB across the Rivanna River, just east of the confusing Fork area.

Usually there's one white sign, but occasionally Virginia just puts out a whole line of them. Sometimes they provide a pullout or at least put them at a traffic light, but when they're just off the shoulder on a long stretch, what does VA want people to do? Pull over riskily? Go slowly in the travel lane to read them all even more riskily? Build a pullout, avoid high-speed collisions. If you're on VA 6, pull onto Rock Castle Road and park for these.

The text of this white sign has nothing to do with the courthouse, WB with US 522 NB in nowhere else but Goochland, the place where gooches come from.

WB outside Richmond, but still close enough to feel the effects of one-piece signage.

Sandwiched between the ugly Richmond-issue shields (or one-route signs) atop the page is this cutout gem.

EB, Richmond-style, to the end of the road. Inside major cities like Richmond, the state cedes maintenance of routes (including signs) to the city.

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