Virginia Roads - VA 49

VA 49

NB leaving North Carolina to a terrible job with new shields on the Clarksville Bypass, courtesy Lou Corsaro. The terrible shields aren't even correct - VA 49 turns left here, but VDOT wants to sign through traffic on the bypass. I have a simple solution: MOVE VA 49 TO THE BYPASS!

Here's the same problem from the other end of the bypass, SB, but it's no longer a technical infraction because the bypass indeed leads "TO" both US 15 and VA 49. The only issue is that those two through routes aren't signed into downtown Clarksville. Again, if you're not going to sign it, just move the routes.

Views of the US 58 bypass crossing and John Kerr Reservoir as "To US 15/VA 49" SB merges into US 58 WB.

A bunch of one-piece assemblies between Clarksville and Crewe, first two photos courtesy Lou Corsaro.

East and West Virginia Avenue (and no, this has nothing to do with the state of West Virginia) in Crewe, on the VA 49/US 460 duplex, first two photos courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Starting south from US 360 to Crewe.

One more one-piece assembly from Lou, and VA 49 comes to an end.

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