Virginia Roads - VA 43/US 11

VA 43 and 43/US 11

NB in Bedford, turning onto US 460 Business at the Bedford County Court House. At the time these signs were made, US 460 did go straight through town rather than following the new bypass.

Continuing NB, the arrows are taped on because the original intent of the sign was to use the one at the bottom to apply to all shields above it. After this, VA 43 joins palindromic US 221 and VA 122, and there are plenty more old signs for the viewing on that page (see big link below).

With all those shields, VA 43 forgot it's just a two-digit route. Of course, it just so happens this photo is on VA 43 SB, so boy is its face red. If it had a face. Photo courtesy Lou Corsaro.

VA 43 with US 11 SB across the James River in Buchanan.

Remaining photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Walking north on the SB side of 11/43 to the location of the original crossing, which connects two halves of Bridge St. The wire cable suspension bridge is new but sits on the abutments and piers of the original bridge.

The artistry of the modern roadway span, not so modern after all.

Finishing the walk across with a westward view of the James River.

Looking back south. Wait for a motorized wheelchair user to be cited and see what happens to the second sign.

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