Virginia Roads - VA 42

All photos on this page are courtesy Lou Corsaro except for two of my own that I'll call out.

Here's my first photo, VA 42/US 52 NB in Bland.

All southbound (the Harrisonburg shield atop this page would be the second photo), into Bridgewater by the last photos, past another cutout 42 shield and two non-cutout I-81 shields (the first one is probably at Mt. Pleasant Pike, the second is definitely at Cantrell Ave.) to Wisconsin-style black-square I-81 shields. Those directional banners are also undersized, even for Virginia standards, so my guess is that these last two assemblies (and possibly the rest of them, also) are a city job.

Still southbound, past another cutout at the end of a duplex in Churchville, to a misaligned assembly where everything but the shields is too small. The larger first letter in South marks that as a newer directional tag, and makes it stand out sorely compared to the other directions. Really, it belongs on a larger sign with more white space.

Here's my second photo, at the southeast end of the concurrency.

Now turned around northbound, and north of the previous photos, here the VA 42/VA 259 multiplex ends in Broadway, which in Virginia is a town and not a street. Shields don't need state names to be old.

It does help if they're cutouts, though, as the southbound direction has a pair of oldies.

There is a US 211, and it's this very road, but VA 211 doesn't just automatically get promoted here. It actually has to wait until it gets to I-81.

Historic historical marker, just before the northern end of VA 42.

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