Virginia Roads - VA 37

VA 37

LWOPS (Little White One-Piece Sign, an acronym that will not catch on), SB nearing I-81 and the end of the Winchester loop, courtesy Doug Kerr. Oddly, the I-81 interchange is the only at-grade intersection along VA 37. 37 traffic at the northern end has to use US 11, with its at-grade intersections, to reach 81 there. Strangely, I-81 opened before any piece of VA 37 was constructed, but 37 was planned early enough that 81 included Exit 310 at the southern end in anticipation. This smacks strongly of poor planning.

Enjoy the fall foliage. That's really the only reason for this northbound photo. 622 is entirely unrelated to the nearby US 522, and is just part of the secondary route numbering system.

Northbound at the beginning and end of the US 522 ramp. With all the cutouts in Winchester, this is the only old shield I saw. It's also the only time I've seen an intersection warning sign of this type used before a freeway exit. Right lane must exit, that I've seen, and this would be the place to use it. (I've also seen intersection lane use arrows on a freeway, which is why I specify "of this type.")

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