Virginia Roads - VA 35

Custom, privately erected, embossed, near NC.

NB across Tarrara Creek, leaving Boykins and coming to the former Country Kitchen.

NB across the Nottoway River with Business US 58 EB in Courtland, and looking northwest at the parallel railroad bridge.

One southwestward view of the truss.

Business US 58 EB turns right and heads toward Hampton Roads and this crossing, while VA 35 NB turns left. It's more realistic to head north by following VA 35 to I-95, for anywhere north of Delmarva.

I'm a Northerner. I'm not used to cotton. These are NB.

SB from the dangling end of VA 35 into Templeton, bringing US 301 NB across I-95 at the same time. Notice that I-95 is the first left and US 301 is the second left, which is not clearly understandable in this presentation. VA 35 ends less than a mile west of here at some secondary roads, and clearly should just end at US 301.

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