Virginia Roads - VA 337

There is no I-337. And if there were, it wouldn't be here.

WB through some widening construction in rural Suffolk, then turning north onto Shoulders Hill Road, which looks like it's going to be raised up a Hill to about Shoulders height.

VA 337 WB exits I-464 SB and gets an impromptu upgrade. It connects to the new Jordan Bridge across the Elizabeth River via Truxton St., but not when I took these photos. It was pretty darn close, though.

VA 337 WB turns right onto the bridge, but VA 337 EB comes straight off the bridge to get to I-464 NB, so the signs are completely correct. However, no one would really be exiting I-464 SB just to U-turn here, so it's just for local traffic. In other news, the TOLL banner should be yellow, and the bridge should really be free because every other Elizabeth River crossing is.

Poindexter St. WB, which picks up VA 337 at the bridge. I have no idea what makes sense on that sign, except the top part is toll-related and the bottom line is Jordan Bridge.

If I were theoretically following VA 337 EB off the bridge at that time, I wouldn't be able to keep following it, because the EB-SB ramp was closed for interchange reconstruction. It was being moved into the area of the former I-464 SB loop ramp (also closed) as part of modifying the Truxton St. terminus.

VA 337 WB parts ways with US 58 EB, courtesy Lou Corsaro. If that seems odd, it's odder to think that not too far to the southwest, VA 337 and US 58 cross again, and that time the two directions are properly aligned. VA 337 is really a north-south route once it gets across the Elizabeth River, whereas US 58 is heading east and slightly south at this point, so it picks up the more southerly (WB) direction of 337 in Norfolk.

A decidedly different sign, NB EB at the short VA 406. N.I.T. is Norfolk Internationl Terminals, which is why "Intl" was once in the name of Terminal Blvd., but at the same time made that word redundant. I'm not even sure this is a city sign; it could have been put up by the port industries with city approval.

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