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I'm on Leigh Street. US 33 is on Broad Street with US 250. I think. Various sources have US 33 and VA 33 ending at various points, but generally such that one turns into the other. From every source in Virginia, US 33 ends at Harrison and/or Hancock Streets (an adjacent pair) and VA 33 does the same. The question that differentiates all of the sources is whether Harrison St., Hancock St., or both is part of VA 33 or US 33. (One source has VA 33 on Harrison and US 33 on Hancock.) So it's pretty clear that at least Leigh St. is considered VA 33. The fuzziness is introduced by AASHTO, the national body that keeps track of US Highway definitions, which thinks that US 33 indeed makes it onto Leigh St. here and keeps going as far as the MLK Bridge. The shield atop this page is well west of that point and, as you'll see, the US shields continue east of that point, so it's hard to judge AASHTO as correct just based on these couple of US shields. To complicate matters, Richmond is an independent city and makes its own signs, and Virginia's GIS doesn't show any of this properly, with US 33 continuing east of Hancock St. and VA 33 not beginning until US 360. Oh, and the southern block of Hancock St. by US 250 is one-way SB, so depending on the definition, US 33 EB traffic may not be able to follow either US 33 or VA 33 properly. My answer is that everything Leigh St. is VA 33, everything Broad St. is US 33, and don't sweat the neighborhood streets connecting them.

WB, shorter caption for your sanity.

EB under 5th and 7th Streets by Richmond Coliseum.

WB at the 8th St. start of the underpass. Do we call this an error?

Just get used to errors, EB at 10th St. The other signs are on 10th St. SB at this intersection. The I-64 assembly is mounted far too low and well below the I-95 assembly. In addition to moving them together, it might be easier to comprehend if the SB/EB shields were grouped on one sign and NB/WB were grouped on the other.

I'm now crossing I-95 on the MLK Bridge, so this is the last possible point that anyone could consider Leigh St. to be US 33.

Sure enough, here's another VA 33 shield. Maybe Richmond has learned something? They haven't learned not to repurpose a left lane sign as a right lane sign. Now which lane does through traffic choose?

Old street sign post along Fairmount Ave.

One out of two ain't great where Fairmount Ave. curves at 25th St. Dig the one-piece hospital sign.

Getting better and older, the gas sign is at 27th St.

WB at the east side of Richmond, with the city's attempt to mimic a state historical sign.

VA 33 WB leaves US 60 WB and VA 156 NB in Sandston.

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