Virginia Roads - VA 3

VA 3

VA 3 EB approaching the beginning of the divided highway at Lignum in 2013 with a WB roadway stub. The dualization has since been completed to Culpeper.


VA 3 WB, last photo courtesy Lou Corsaro. Look at how the shields have been corrupted over time.

WB from VA 347 to VA 206.

Within that run, Falls Hill Rd. follows the old alignment of VA 3, seen EB.

Follow the short VA 347 through Westmoreland State Park to the Potomac River shore, and catch some views of Rock Point, Maryland.

Back to VA 3, Grant Methodist Church is in Lerty at the west end of VA 214.

The old courthouse in Montross, on the WB side of VA 3.

Another old alignment, but not really that of VA 3, this is old Cople Hwy. bearing right from VA 3 WB, leading toward VA 202 EB. If Cople Hwy. really started out this way before heading east, and then south, it was a very circuitous route.

One last historical sign, at VA 203.

WB, east of Warsaw.

EB, Lancaster.

WB in and leaving Lancaster, which I assume erects its own signs. Keeping right seems like a bad idea, because right leads to a stand of trees.

Looking west and east along the south side of the Rappahannock River, and then west and east along the north side. Here's how I got from south to north:

VA 3 WB across the Robert O. Norris Bridge, randomly a truss arch bridge connecting two lightly traveled peninsulas. VA 222 affords more bridge views, since its southern end is just to the west along the river.

Click to drive the Robert O. Norris Bridge from north to south (VA 3 EB) into Middlesex County.

Business VA 3, Warsaw

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