Virginia Roads - VA 286/Fairfax Co. Pkwy.

VA 286, Fairfax County Parkway

All photos are of the ongoing (as of 2010) construction to complete the gap in the parkway west of I-95, taken during the 2009 DC Roadmeet (which you can learn more about via the link at bottom). At that time, the road was still SR 7100, but was later upgraded to a primary route and assigned the number 286. Other secondary routes of high quality and traffic (Franconia-Springfield and Prince William Parkways) were also upgraded at the same time, from 7900 to 289 and 3000 to 294, respectively. (Clearly, multiples of 100 are assigned to important secondary routes in Fairfax County.)

Looking west from I-95 SB at Exit 166, where the Parkway currently ends in the foreground.

Looking east from Rolling Rd. toward Fort Belvoir, with a new overpass taking shape in the foreground for the Engineer Proving Grounds. The new Parkway will parallel Rolling Rd. just to the east.

More views of the Parkway coming in under the future overpass from the southeast. To the north, it will tie into the dualized part of Rolling Rd. before meeting Franconia-Springfield Pkwy. At least for now, Fairfax County Pkwy. will have to exit itself at this location, I guess until traffic volumes demand otherwise.

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