Virginia Roads - VA 267

VA 267, Dulles Access Rd./Dulles Toll Rd.

All photos are eastbound.

The Herndon-Monroe Park & Ride is actually on the exit ramp to VA 286, hence the need for this sign upon exiting. The patched-on VA 286 shield (replacing SR 7100) looks fine, but the original VA 267 shield is pretty miserable.

This ghostly visage foretells the merge from VA 7 WB.

On the left and right sides of VA 267, respectively, courtesy Lou Corsaro. There are no more exits between VA 123 and I-66.

Above VA 267, next to the Exit 19B sign for VA 123 NB.

The outer toll road lanes merge with the inner access road lanes. (The toll road is for normal commuters and has all the exits. The access road funnels everyone into/out of the airport with only a few slip ramps, and you can be ticketed for toll evasion if you attempt to turn around at the airport end to get back to a free exit without stopping somewhere to do business on airport property.) The more normal-looking (and state-name!) shields are courtesy Lou Corsaro, and since we're now past the 123 exit, 267 is just a long entrance ramp.

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