Virginia Roads - VA 254

VA 254

VA 262, a new loop around Staunton, NB under VA 254 courtesy Lou Corsaro. Clearly the bypass is designed to be extended to four lanes should traffic volumes ever warrant, which seems unlikely unless development miraculously starts flooding the western side of the city.

This block of Frederick St. in Staunton (VA 254 WB) is green themed. I've covered "I-Arrow" elsewhere, but it's basically signaling that both I-64 and I-81 are to the left. Staunton is an independent city so it gets to do whatever it wants.

The stretch of Frederick St. east of New St. is awesome old sign themed.

Coalter St. NB is WTF themed. There is no Truck VA 254; this is just regular VA 254 and it's Staunton's recommended truck route around downtown. All three of these assemblies should just be "West 254" with a separate "Truck Route" sign.

Back to the green theme on Coalter St. SB.

The stretch of US 11 SB/VA 254 WB leading up to Coalter St. and the US 250 junction is one-piece-shield themed. I've never seen one independent city with so many different sign styles hanging around. Maybe every mayor changes the design. You can see the original US 11/250 railroad bridge (now for SB/EB traffic only) in the first photo along with part of the watering can sculpture to its north.

One more historic sign, shortly after VA 254 WB joins US 11 SB.

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