Virginia Roads - VA 241

VA 241

All photos are southbound.

You get two junction signs, and clearly the first one is older. "JUNCTION" has not been spelled out in many decades, and while the shield type of the second sign can still be found many places for many routes, the first shield may be original.

Oh, by the way, this is the Beltway, so it's I-495 too. Now you know, and because of the construction (spillover from the Springfield Interchange / new Wilson Bridge and Express/Local/HOV Lane construction), this is about the only place that tells you so. This new flyover under construction appears to be complementing the 495 EB-241 NB flyover so that there are no weaves left in the interchange.

End of the route, digits too large on the SR 633 shield. Well, the road ends immediately to the left, and I guess the repetitious NORTH and SOUTH are to reinforce that no, you should not go straight and expect to get anywhere. (Actually, going straight may be a great bypass of the Mt. Vernon area to get to US 1 South...)

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