Virginia Roads - VA 240

VA 240

The west end of VA 240 at US 250. The east end is also at US 250, which isn't surprising because VA 240 is old US 250. What's surprising is how unintuitive the route looks when you map it out. From Crozet, US 250 made a left turn that VA 240 still makes, and then made a right turn here to get onto Rockfish Gap Tpk. Until the 1930s, there was no road (or at least not an improved one) connecting those two points directly, so US 250 went through Crozet.

VA 240 WB heads south through downtown Crozet. This bridge clearance may have been a limiting factor all the way back to when this was US 250.

The one turn in the route.

The library was clearly once the railroad station.

The Blue Ridge is your pre-Crozet WB scenery.

VA 240 EB returns to US 250 to end. Cutting away the hillside to get under this trestle may have been one of the 1926 needs that kept US 250 in Crozet to start.

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