Virginia Roads - VA 237/US 29

and US 29/VA 237

Above: Just after turning onto 10th St.

VA 237 spends a lot of its life along US 29. It could have followed Old Lee Highway, former US 29, into downtown Fairfax, but instead chooses Pickett Rd. down to VA 236. The second photo is WB at its first intersection of newfound freedom, which is also where 237 ends.

An older EB secondary route shield.

Hillwood Ave. in Falls Church as it bears off of VA 237 EB/US 29 NB (Lee Highway EB).

Cutouts are dying in Virginia, but not dead yet by any means. These are WB, and the first is courtesy Lou Corsaro (having died since).

In downtown Falls Church.

VA 237 EB leaves US 29 NB at Fairfax Drive, the southern half of a one-way pair on top of I-66. The first photo is EB and the second is WB just after VA 237 has joined US 29 SB.

Fairfax Dr. EB at the same spot. This could also be considered an offramp sign for I-66 EB. A set of shields would do just fine here, with a bonus of taking up less space.

The corresponding WB sign on VA 237 tries to duck replacement, but its time is running out.

Washington Blvd. WB on the north side of Arlington's downtown. VA 237 WB is straight, VA 120 is left and right, and VA 237 EB is left and left again on Fairfax Dr. Yes, you recognize the name Fairfax Drive from a prior caption. It disappears into I-66 at US 29 and then reappears as a couple of side streets before finally rebooting as a major road here. I get that VA 237 may have originally followed Fairfax Dr. before it was subsumed into the Interstate, but now it's on Washington Blvd. east of US 29. It would be a lot easier to make the one turn on the east side of Arlington instead of making two turns on the west side and passing straight through downtown. (Not that Washington Blvd. is really outside downtown, being a whole two blocks north.) I include these photos here and not on the 120 page with that in mind.

End of the road, EB.

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