Virginia Roads - VA 236

VA 236

The western junction of US 29/50, where every sign is somewhat old, is the WB end of VA 236.

Old Lee Hwy., once US 29, now comes into Fairfax without any route number. The first photo is at North St., where VA 236 WB is to the left and VA 236 EB turns onto Old Lee straight ahead. VA 236 once stayed on Main St., but that has become too much a part of downtown to handle traffic. At the next block comes Main St., where VA 236 EB turns left (in both photos, this is the left sign you can barely see), and traffic to VA 123 SB is directed to the right. But didn't I just say Main St. isn't meant for traffic? Well, there are no left turns from North St., so VA 236 WB traffic (including Old Lee Hwy. SB) has no other choice.

There's quite a long dedicated lane before VA 241 SB peels off of VA 236 EB, and it's heavily utilized. This is a clear case to have two lanes exit for 241 instead of one. It is not the norm to have the state name on new shields, but these shields are not on normal signs.

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