Virginia Roads - VA 210

VA 210

At the western end of the short route (VA 163), and this is the WB face of the sign.

Now EB up to even shorter VA 334, which just loops around the Central Virginia Training Center (it trains the mentally challenged). Because I'm never inappropriate, I won't relate the phrase "mentally challenged" to the idea of wasting a perfectly good route number on a driveway, but this really should be a random secondary route. Also, VA 210 should really have a VA shield, and not a demi-Interstate (everything but the top scallops).

The idea of VA 210 actually going somewhere is at least as new as US 29 bypassing its bypass (which then became the Business route, leaving the original road as VA 163). So not only is the road new, straight, and high-speed, but the shield painted on the pavement is original equipment (and already defaced by burnouts). VDOT felt a need to reinforce this turn because a tiny dead-end unpaved secondary route looms ahead (and trucks are not recommended).

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