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VA 207

Heading east from US 1 and immediately running into new state-name shields. They're making a comeback in Virginia. Not common is the use of route numbers in text, especially two signs near each other like these. Since VA 207 meets (and ends at) US 301 in Bowling Green, why not just have a TO US 301 shield assembly on top of a single-line distance sign?

WB from Bowling Green, second photo courtesy Lou Corsaro. That one was an older state-name shield but is probably gone now.

Turning onto the Business route and heading east at a wrong and strange assembly. There is no VA 2 Business, even if the other routes involved here all are Business routes. VA 2 continues south to Richmond from here. The reason the US 301 assemblies don't match up is that they were probably converted on the spot from regular US 301 assemblies - but there really is nothing you can say as to why the person installing them didn't notice one being different from the other.

I think this answers my question - that is one very clueless person. US 301 comes up from Florida and continues to Delaware, so there's no way it begins here. There is an END assembly on US 301 in the other direction as well.

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