Virginia Roads - VA 205

VA 205

VA 205 EB, McKinney Blvd. SB in Colonial Beach. Sometimes VA signs the Y, sometimes they don't. (They always feel like a nut, though.) VA 205 loops so badly to the beach that EB starts off northeast and ends up southwest. SR 631, Longfield Rd., is the sensible routing for through traffic, but VA 205 is really just intended to serve Colonial Beach from either direction.

VA 205Y is Colonial Ave., a spur route to the beachfront right where VA 205 turns 90 degrees to head backwards on itself. Y routes are typically short spurs, not a third leg of a wye intersection.

And here's the other route, SR 1114, 1st St. looking at the top of the assembly you saw part of from VA 205 EB.

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