Virginia Roads - VA 202

VA 202

WB at Nominy Church, and EB near Nomini Hall. Nomini won the spelling war, as evidenced by the name of the creek and the adjacent settlement.

OOO? OOO! 000. I don't get it, but it's clear the middle digit is the most important one, never mind that it's only the last digit that differs between the routes (and continues to fade fast).

The same thing happens at either end of the short concurrency. 0000h, my!

VA 203 has new shields instead of new numerals, but walks into an odd situation where the 203 shields are far different than the 202s. The 202s are to the correct standard. Also, there should never a right arrow to the left of a left arrow.

One last photo, EB/NB, while the routes are together.

To avoid doubling back on my mileage, I took SR 617, Gardy's Mill Rd., while clinching highways in this area, and happened upon Gardy Millpond.

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