Virginia Roads - VA 200

VA 200

Southbound approaching the Great Wicomico River and a lesser old alignment of VA 200 just to the west.

The river, to the east and west.

A look back north over my sunroof at the other end of the old alignment.

Until recently, Kilmarnock's cutoff from VA 200 SB to VA 3 (only WB makes sense, though the sign suggests otherwise) was 1st St. Now it's Town Centre Drive, which is proof that it leads to some sort of newfangled development pretending to be a town center (or Centre, since Canada is awesome), and the actual downtown is straight ahead. Do not turn here.

NB leaving VA 3 in the actual downtown.

The SB VA 222 junction hinted at a former split, so I took a photo. The truth is much more interesting. Before the 1960s, there was no highway to the left. VA 200 kept going to the right on what's now 222, then bore left through Christ Church to rejoin its current alignment. Except this wasn't VA 200 at all - it was the former alignment of VA 3. Aha!, you exclaim, confident that 200 and (part of) 222 together are the old alignment of what was later bypassed as 3. Wrong. 3 and 200 actually switched around the time that Christ Church was bypassed (I cannot pin down which came first), but 200 indeed existed on what's now 3.

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