Virginia Roads - VA 197

VA 197

Starting you off slowly, with a standard Richmond unisign.

See Route Information On Back. Okay.

Oh, right, it's on a utility pole. Osmote Route Information Through Front.

The good stuff starts just after that. VA 197 is an east-west route, but the western part of it legitimately travels north-south, so some confusion is understandable. However, with the up arrow over a down arrow, I don't think this was just redoing an assembly to keep up with the times. I think Richmond tried to recycle signs from another assembly and forgot this was up here for a few dozen years. Maybe they thought it was Henrico's problem. When the Richmond Road Meet got here, the sign was leaning precariously. I did my best to right it, but it was still at quite an angle, and it was replaced shortly thereafter. Click for a closeup of the confused banner and shield.

Saunders Ave. turns off of Laburnum Ave., passes a cutout, and merges into Westwood Ave. over some railroad tracks. The odd assortment of old signal heads then arrives at Tomlynn St. The 8" yellow lens on the right suggests that each signal simply had to have two 12" lenses and one 8", even if the small one couldn't be green.

Warranting its own meet stop, the best of all is on Laburnum Ave. as VA 197 passes under I-95/I-64 just east of the northern end of I-195 and the 95/64 northwestern split. Click on each photo for a shield closeup. There was also an old staircase here that allowed some intrepid exploration of the Interstate traffic overhead.

Westwood Ave., just full of old signs.

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