Virginia Roads - VA 190

VA 190

All photos are eastbound.

Heading southeast on the south side of Portsmouth.

Heading northeast on the east side of Portsmouth, on Kempsville Rd. nearing Princess Anne Rd./VA 165. Intense widening is underway from a four-lane undivided road to a divided boulevard with turn lanes - and many more traffic lights.

These signals once hung over the VA 190/VA 165 intersection, but as part of this construction blitz, 165 was rerouted to the south, making more of a straight line instead of curving north in a bubble. That "bubble", chopped off as a side road for businesses, was still signed as Princess Anne Rd. when I was there in October 2011, but it's now Singleton Way.

As much as I like pavement shields, I have to flag this one for a blatant font violation. The left lane goes to Greenwich Rd., and then the I-264 entrance follows shortly after. I see four fouls on the far side of I-264: bubble shield on top, directional banner below, all on a green sign, and Clearview in the background.

By the time VA 190 ends, it is really heading north-south and not east-west anymore, so I'm fine with the idea of it changing direction, though the change really ought to happen somewhere around the Virginia Beach city line if there were going to be one. But there isn't, so this is a typo, on a sign blank that looks nothing like a VA highway shield. Two scoops out of the top and it could pass for an Interstate.

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