Virginia Roads - VA 189

VA 189

All photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro, and all but one are southbound.

Lou follows new, ugly signs off of the US 58 WB ramp and onto South Quay Rd. The road to the right (a bear right, hence the straight arrow in the first photo) is Truck US 258, not regular 258 as the second sign suggests. Because VA 189 just came off of US 58 WB, the signs for 58 EB are intended only for Truck US 258 SB traffic.

That one interloping NB photo, similarly new, ugly, and wrong. VA 189 does not end here - 189 NB joins 58 EB for the length of South Quay Rd., breaking off to end in Holland at Business US 58.

Once VA 189 gets away from US 58, things get old and interesting. The drawbridge crosses the Blackwater River, which forms a short piece of the VA-NC border to the south. That half-mile of border is notable as the only place where the VA-NC line heads north-south instead of east-west. Now you have an answer to a future Southern pub trivia question.

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