Virginia Roads - VA 175

VA 175

If this looks like a spacecraft, then NASA's done its job at publicity. It's outside the Wallops Flight Facility.

This is the former bridge across Chincoteague Channel, eastbound courtesy Lou Corsaro. The structure in the final photo, which I've seen in other drawbridges Lou photographed, is clearly an old, mechanical method of overheight alarm. Hit the truss, ring the bell, win a prize! The prize is a heavy fine.

Since 2007, when Lou was there, and 2012, when I arrived, the old truss bridge was replaced with a new fixed span. This is the former approach, looking west from Main St. on Chincoteague Island. The other approach comes to a stub end atop the old western abutment, while the western half of the bridge lives on as the connection to Marsh Island. The former T intersection was sutured into a hard curve from old VA 175 to the few homes on Marsh Island Dr.

Looking north from the old drawbridge, the new bridge is at the far end of Black Narrows, with Chincoteague Bay beyond it.

VA 175 turns right upon reaching the island, and Maddox Blvd. continues straight toward the magical ponies and this hotel. (One positive of the VA 175 reroute is a more direct route toward the National Wildlife Refuge.) Someone apparently knew Doug Kerr and I were coming, but it turns out we didn't need the scooters.

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