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VA 168

All photos on this page are courtesy Lou Corsaro and northbound in a very small area. This page begs for your submissions!

Whether separated by a gap or flush with the sign, the exit tab is wrong. This is Exit 10, and that can be shown as 10B-A or just plain 10, but the only highway with lettered exits is the Brigantine Connector to the Atlantic City Expressway in New Jersey. It's obvious from the second photo that the exit tabs were added after at least part of VA 168 was open as a freeway.

Now at the first of the two Exit 10's - why does A come after B? Northbound, all of the exits should be in order. Given the way the "East" was added onto the sign at the last moment and at great expense (to paraphrase Monty Python), the explanation I want to beleive is that the original Exit 10A was probably for VA 168 Business, Battlefield Blvd., but that ramp was lost in the reconstruction of the area's ramps, while the loop ramp to Hanbury Road West was added to replace it and thus inherited its letter suffix.

The other possibility, based on this gore sign, is that there was only one Exit 10 to Hanbury Road, and that the B-A designation occurred later. That would explain the new exit tabs on the not-so-old signs, and would explain why this B doesn't look like original equipment, but does not explain at all why B comes before A. In other news, in milemarker format, the VA 168 shield almost looks like a ghostly Interstate shield.

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