Virginia Roads - VA 166

VA 166

All photos are southbound.

Courtesy Lou Corsaro, VA 166 turns from Princess Anne Rd. onto Park Ave. and goes from a VA state highway to a colorless New Zealand route. I've only seen this shape in Hampton Roads. Also, VA 168 gets an impromptu upgrade despite being not nearly long enough to merit this status. Then you have the odd font in US 460, and the "166" being very poorly aligned in the first photo, and I'm not sure any two signs were in the same batch except the side-by-side 58s in the second photo.

Poindexter St. EB, pointing the way down VA 166 SB and US 460 WB. Straight ahead are those routes NB and EB, and behind me, VA 337 comes on from I-464 to cross the Jordan Bridge. This detour shield was only up because the bridge was being replaced when I was there, with corresponding upgrades to the I-464 interchange. This short stretch of Poindexter is a wonderful candidate to be upgraded to a signed primary highway, given its intercity connectivity.

VA 166 drops US 460 onto US 13, and then passes under the wonderful tri-level that was built many decades ago to bring US 13 over the Norfolk & Western Railway (N&W RY, not NW & RY as the logo suggests). I'm not sure how Alternate 13 goes the opposite direction from regular 13, because the only reasonable route that way (I-464 to US 17) doesn't come back to US 13 until well into North Carolina, missing the major destination of Suffolk and connections to US 58, US 460, and VA 10/VA 32.

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