Virginia Roads - VA 165

VA 165

Old and unique SB signs, although you'll see on this page that US 165 isn't a unique error. The shield shape stands out next to the properly dimensioned US 13s - the specs changed in 1970, and while VA still used the old shape for many years after that, the 165 crept in on little new-spec cat feet.

NB shields arranged from pretty to ugly, also in geographical order. Whatever's awkward about the I-64 shield at VA 247, it's forgotten by the "T" intersection at VA 170.

That "T" intersection is Little Creek Rd., where VA 170 begins to the right and VA 165 heads left. VA 165 NB began life heading east for several miles before abruptly changing course, and this last turn results in the route looking hook-shaped overall. Judging from the blue color, this lower-case error has been out here for quite awhile.

It's hard to say if these RIDOT-style shields, NB at Admiral Taussig Blvd.'s southern end, are even worse than the VA 170 assembly, but the strange font on the I-564 shield is a good argument. 95% of Taussig Blvd. is part of I-564, but this short piece at the southern end is separate, the only remnant of the original surface road.

Looking east along Little Creek Road from US 460, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

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