Virginia Roads - VA 16/US 11

VA 16 and 16/US 11

All photos but one are NB.

At and onto the US 11 concurrency, with a catty-corner shot of US 11/VA 16 SB. I love the name of Hungry Mother State Park, but I love cutouts more.

Continuing on the concurrency through Marion, past a bridge at the end of its life to one that should have a few more years in it yet.

The SB interloper.

Skipping the Business alternative of these two US highways and heading for the main routes in Tazewell. See what I skipped via the link below.

Business US 19/460 and VA 16, Tazewell
Onto US 11 alone

Into North Carolina on 16
To I-81
To US 19 and US 460
VA 16 Non-Roads
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