Virginia Roads - VA 156

and US 60/VA 156

VA 156 stairsteps its way back and forth around the east side of Richmond. Here it joins VA 106 to get around Hopewell, and then uses VA 10 to get to the Benjamin Harrison Memorial Bridge across the James River.

Northbound across the James River on a drawbridge.

During this run of historical signs, VA 156 NB pairs with VA 5 WB (first photo) and VA 33/US 60 WB (last two photos), obviously done stepping east like it had been earlier in its life. With all of its turns that prevent it from being a useful through route, VA 156 must have been created to pass by Richmond National Battlefield and all of the Seven Days Battles.

SB one-piece assemblies old and new.

Sandston keeps its old signals around. These start at the VA 33 turnoff and continue north (US 60 WB) to Naglee Ave. and Wilson Way. To prove how convoluted VA 156 is, it then turns off of US 60 and heads north, recrossing VA 33 in the process. (This is why westbound was a right turn from northbound - it's just not a well-defined north.) When another route is a shortcut for the one you're on, you're not on a well-planned route.

One more "PA" series historical sign lingers as I near the northern end of the route.

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