Virginia Roads - VA 150

Chippenham Parkway

The SB offramp to Jahnke Rd., and SR 686 EB from there to the Richmond line just east of the interchange (or possibly within, but the sign's past the NB ramps).

This isn't how to use down arrows, nor is it how to sign a toll road. There should be two diagonal up arrows on this NB sign, and "TOLL" should be in a yellow rectangle (exception granted for an older sign pre-standardization) and to the left of the 76 shield (no exception granted).

The SB side shows how to do it right, with an original Richmond (now Downtown) Expressway shield. Newer shields are part of Richmond's black-background, non-cutout, one-piece signs (that's a lot of hyphenated adjectives), looking nothing like this. That's why you get a closeup, in case this last known surviving example disappears.

The nondescript end of VA 150 outside Richmond. It's rare enough to see a BEGIN sign for an actual route.

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